Custom-Made Luminares

The lightning-quick progression of LED lighting has completely altered the lighting industry over the last few years. Concepts like energy efficiency, climate change, CO2 balance and so on have been leading to great confusion amongst consumers and end customers alike. Particularly in the lighting field, which is already challenging enough, it is proving extremely difficult to keep tabs on the vast variety and the fast pace of technology development.
BIRKE LEUCHTEN is your ideal partner for the technical realisation of all your ideas and potential projects in the lighting field. Whether innovative lighting systems or practical conventional technology, we’ll put your ideas on the right path.
Our own workshop is both where luminaires are designed and where lighting technology is fitted. We even carry out a simulation of technical feasibility during the developmental stage, using modern 3D CAD construction. The fast processing of ideas right up until delivery of the finished product is a huge advantage for both you and your customers.

Light Art Rainbow

Floodlight for Ceiling Reflector

We work with all high-quality materials, from stainless steel to aluminium, bronze and many more, and we can safely rely on the experience and skills of our own members of staff. Any processing of surfaces such as painting, varnishing, application of powder coating and sanding is done by one of our partners.
All of our luminaires are tested in our laboratory and receive a CE marking declaration of conformity.
If required, we also offer a special testing service and a laboratory light testing service, where we also provide a testing protocol.
Our product range includes a vast number of different luminaires, including:
Ceiling luminaires, wall luminaires, floor lamps, facade floodlights, vaulted ceiling lights, pendant luminaires, chandeliers, museum lighting fixtures, showcase lighting, staircase lighting, handrail luminaires, lighting profiles, lighting for mooring bollards, luminaires for stadiums and sports facilities and other custom-made luminaires on request.

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